Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota Mini Vacation Trip

Just outside Rapid City, South Dakota
Currently admission is $11.00 per vehicle pass good all year
It is hard to believe they just used dynamite and tools to create the likeness of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,  Theodore Roosevelt & Abraham Lincoln out of a mountain.

Drive through wildlife park
Currently admission is $16.00 per person
Wonderful collection of South Dakota wildlife

Cold War Era missile site tour need to arrive early tour passes are limited
Looking down inside the Minuteman Missile

Lots of cave tours to visit

While driving around the area you will see lots of wild antelope, mule deer and even big horn sheep. The Badlands which are off in the distant are a stark contrast to the green lush valley floor with its meandering streams.   A word of warning, you have to drive through a small town called Keystone on your way to Mt Rushmore, the speed limit is 20 miles per hour,  you will notice a police car stationed on either side of town.  Do No Speed.


  1. Diane, those are wonderful pictures! I'd love to see that part of the country and know it's beautiful. Hope y'all have a wonderful trip!

  2. What stunning photographs and links. Thank you for sharing :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Looks a beautiful place Diane, thank you for sharing.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie j xxx

  4. Wow! oh! Wow! Diane,
    They are wonderful pictures, enjoy your trip
    Patricia x

  5. Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great time :-)

  6. Fabulous photos what a great place love and hugs Carole x

  7. Oh these pictures look so beautiful Diane! Have a wonderful trip!
    Hugs Chantal

  8. My goodness Diane what wonderful photos, the Mount Rushmore is so iconic, have a marvellous holiday, hugs Kate x

  9. oooooo looks like you had a great trip. great photos.

  10. I visited that whole area about 10 years ago and have to say it's awesomely beautiful country and the folks are amazing!!!! Your cards are beautiful works of paper art, really unique and must be very time consuming to make but when you enjoy what your doing the time just flies by doesn't it!!!! Nice to meet you!

  11. What a beautiful photos,Diane. Have a fine holiday. Amazing the photo from the mountain with the presidents.


  12. Really interesting and Mount Rushmore is a place I would love to visit. I've toured the West Coast, Nevada, Arizona, Grand Canyon and loved Yosemite but haven't managed any other regions except for stop overs.
    Thanks for your kind comment.

  13. Wow, nice pictures, have a nice holiday.
    greetings Angelique

  14. Wonderful photos Diane! Wish I was there :). Debra x

  15. I spent part of my childhood in the North Dakota Badlands - my parents lived in Medora, ND, when I was born. It's a wildly beautiful area, and I still have many relatives who live there.


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