Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blue Glass Garden Totem Tutorial

Completed Glass Totem

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Warning this tutorial is picture heavy.

It took many trips to my local thrift stores to find inexpensive glass pieces that I could attach together, it was like being on a treasure hunt. I also added blue half marbles on the base of the totem.  The glass pieces that work best are heavier pieces that have a very flat base so that pieces will stack together. You could use pottery but I really wanted the sparkle that you get from glass.

All the glass plates are inverted and then glued, it really makes the base stable by flipping the plate over.

You will need to wash each piece and let it dry completely before you begin to glue the pieces together.

I started by using DAP Waterproof Auto Marine Sealant in a thin line to put 2 pieces together at a time and letting them dry for (24 hours)  Then you just start laying the glass and glue and let dry.  I glued mine outside on the grass just in case they did not stay together that way I could not break anything.  The top is a cute angel which I thought could watch over the yard.

The pictures below are of the various pieces I purchased to create the totem.

Base of Totem
Clear glass candle holder
Cobalt blue Bowl
Clear Glass Plate

Cobalt Stemmed Cup
Clear Glass Plate

Glued sections - 1 Base, 2 Middle, 3 Center
Top Piece, Angel, Cobalt Votive & Candle Holder
Dap Auto Marine Sealant it is waterproof (purchased at Home Depot)


  1. I have missed a few posts as life gets busy and in the midst os my home in complete reno chaos we have company for a week! Your amazing glass totem is making me swoon. Blues, especially cobalt, are my HeArtthrob and this is BLUEtiful. Creative Bliss...

  2. This totem is stunning. I've not seen anything like this before. I bet you had fun sourcing all the pieces. Barb xx

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!! This is so beautiful. I love the mix of the blue and the clear glass. Wouldn't these be cool to make and resell? Little pieces of art!!

  4. Really striking totem Diane! This is such an original design and must sparkle so beautifully in the sun. Debra x

  5. What a wonderful idea, it looks stunning :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. Hi Diane, this is one gorgeous piece of work, the glass pieces are so lovely, I especially love the stemed glass as it looks as if it's in the shape of a thistle, our national flowers, I just love your creation, hugs Kate x

  7. Wow, Diana.
    This is so beautiful.
    What an amazing glass totem.
    Hugs Giny

  8. Oh my word this is totally amazing!!! You are sooooo clever :-)

  9. Brilliant this looks fabulous its so unique and beautiful Hugs Carole x

  10. That is so neat, I bet it was fun finding all those pieces to put together, and your right it looks great done in all glass, neat idea with the marbles too, great piece for your yard!

  11. Wow, what an absolutely charming piece! Fabulous job. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  12. Oh my word, Diane, this is amazing!!!

    love Mags b x

  13. Wow what a lovely piece and a great idea x

  14. Beautiful project and love the different pieces especially the blue and love the little Angel on the top -it was a brilliant idea and beautiful result
    Carol x

  15. This sure looks beautiful!! Nice job on making this decorative piece.

  16. Love this project! The blue is beautiful. I am also a crafter from Washington :)

  17. How stunning Diane and such a beautiful piece of art for your yard.

  18. Hi Diane....Home now from Napa.....wanted to catch up with your blog and I see this gorgeous blue and red Totem you made, oh so gorgeous. So glad you showed a picture of the sealant, I've got the itch now! Hope you can get the glue at a Hardware store and not a Boating store? Anne xox


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