Friday, April 21, 2017

White Orchids

Greetings and thank you all for stopping by.  I don't make a lot of all white cards because I have a really hard time getting the picture to turn out.

The other night the neighborhood black bear decided to pay us a visit, I have a really nice Squirrel Buster feeder hanging right next to the house mounted under the roof.  Well for some reason I couldn't sleep and got up and I am standing in the kitchen looking out the window.  I am thinking to myself I don't see the bird feeder.  So I look out the dining window and there is a huge male black bear looking right at me.  I start banging on the window he just continues to look at me, so I start shouting and banging and finally he runs off.  Now I have to open the sliding door and walk out there to pick up the feeder which in on the ground and the lid is off.  I am thinking to myself the entire time I sure hope that bear is really gone.  That is twice now that he has knocked it to the ground so now I have to bring it into the house every night.

Really simple design, I added mounting tape under the three Orchids and behind the first frame to add a little dimension.  Then just used two of the Matting Basics behind the first one.

Memory Box - Twisty Stalk
Mounting Tape
My Favorite Things - Lily
Spellbinders - 5 x 7 Matting Basics B


  1. OMGOSH about the bear, Diane. That is kind of frightening to have them that close to the house.
    I actually love the all white card. I think it is very elegant looking.
    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  2. This is so elegant Diane! I love the white on white and the orchids are beautiful.
    Gina xx

  3. YIKES on the bear!!!!!! How scary! I think I could do without a neighborhood bear - maybe a dog or cat would be better. Not sure I'd venture out after dark either!
    I do love your card though. So beautiful with the white on white. Stunning.

  4. OMG Diane, I would have been too frightened to go out bird feeder or not, brave you.
    Your card is beautiful, white on white is striking, lovely floral die, have a great weekend, bear free hopefully, Kate x

  5. Wow! That is quite an experience with the black bear. In a neighbourhood where they worst we have to contend with is noisy cats and barking dogs, I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to frighten off a bear! Beautiful card - because it is all white it's very eye catching. Elizabeth xx

  6. I love white on white as it is classy and very elegant. Your card is all of these and stunning too. Great design. Have a lovely, bear free weekend. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  7. I love all white cards and this one is no exception, super flowers and design, love the double matting.
    Wow, I wouldn't have dared go out till morning.

    Kath x

  8. Oh love your story I'd have been a bit scared to go out so brave of you. That card is so classy its gorgeous love and hugs Carole x

  9. What a beautiful WOW card! A wonderful design, the raised orchids do give the card some lovely dimension.
    The only excitement with wildlife that we get is a visiting pair of ducks on our lawn :D. Debra x

  10. Beautiful card. Oh wow I don't think I could of gone outside after seeing the bear.....

  11. Oooh Diane this is simple STUNNING. well done. WOW is so hard to pull off and you have made it perfect :-)

    How scary to see a bear at your window :-@

  12. Blimey, I think I would have been glued to the spot, terrified! This is a stunning card, so elegant. Cara x

  13. I love the pretty white flowers!! The layering on this is beautiful!!

  14. Beautiful card in white. Brave of you to go outside after the bear is gone. It is something I can't believe it to see a bear in real life.
    greetings Angelique

  15. I am absolutely stunned! Of course your card LOL xxx But...the black bear, it's so surreal to read your blog post...I get the odd duck, which we find amazing but Bears!! I want to say you are lucky to see them in the wild but maybe a bit scary in your garden? What gorgeous creatures and I shall settle on that you are lucky x Love the white on white on your very classy card...x Off to look for ducks!

  16. Oh, elegant! Fantastic look for a white on white design. Love that you left out a sentiment, this card can be used for any occasion.

  17. You did such a beautiful job on this white card, so lovely!
    Wow that would be a little scary that is for sure, we have to bring in our feeder every night but it is because of the raccoons.

  18. Gorgeous white on white but how scary to see a bear that close don't think I would have dared go out -very brave
    Carol x

  19. love the purity of this lovely card...good for you getting a good photo too, I always struggle with getting a good pic with my white cards.
    happy stamping and TFS,


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