Friday, March 27, 2020

Spring has Sprung

Well, the Black Bear is awake now in our area, how do I know that you ask.  He destroyed my bird  and suet feeder.  Pulled them off the Shepherds Hook which by the way he bent almost to the ground.  Then tore the lid off the suet feeder and left it is pieces.  Next,  on to the bird feeder, smashed the plastic tube and managed to get it in pieces also. 

It has been a few years since I had trouble with the bear, he is a large male around 200 pounds and most of the time I can just scare him off by banging on something loudly.  But he managed to sneak in the yard late at night  this time.

On my once a week grocery shopping event, I see things still have not calmed down in my area.  We are still in the shelter in place until April 6th and then it might be extended depending on the virus numbers.  Store still has the hoarding issue, no sugar, flour, paper products, rice, dried beans and now people are buying most of the canned goods.  Even all the eggs were gone.   I have gotten very creative on making dinners now.

Heartfelt Creations - Small Camellia Carnation
Poppy Stamps - Climbing Vine
Spellbinders - Majestic Elements & 5 X 7 Matting Basics A

I had many people ask about caring for Orchids.  I get all my information on watering, re-potting and problems with Orchids by watching Miss Orchid Girl on You Tube.  She has over 400 Orchids, from the easy to grow to the exotics.

I bought all my re-potting supplies from a company called rePotme Orchid Supplies.  They have really fast shipping and most months have some kind of discount of their products.


  1. Oh my gosh that bear would scare me so much!! Your card is just stunning with the flowers popped out on your design and the colors are so happy looking too! I love it! Hope you stay safe and healthy my friend! HUGS

  2. WOW!! you have a bear that comes into your garden, amazing, but scary I would have thought. If he/she just sticks to the bird feeders and doesn't come after you.
    Your card is so beautiful, lovely those little flowers and the gorgeous colours. You've used a pretty frame to surround them too. Keep safe Diane, Kate x

  3. The hoarding around here is awful too. Will it ever end.
    SOOOOOOO scary about that bear Diane!!!! Hope it doesn't decide to come out during the day. Sorry about your bird feeder and all that though.
    Love your gorgeous card too! The dimension is so pretty and love the frame!

  4. Hello Diane, your card is so pretty - I love it 💕
    Goodness me, what a problem bear he's proving to be but then I guess he could set his sights on other things so perhaps its a good thing its just the feeders ;D)
    Yes, same here with shopping, I loved your comment about being creative with cooking! Hope the hoarders calm down soon... there must be a point where even they are satisfied!
    Take care and keep creating xx

  5. A really stunning creation, totally love the colours and the really lovely dies, not just the flowers but the frame too.
    Apart from the bear, glad that you are coping in this dreadful time.

    Kath x

  6. Firstly Diane, I must thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.
    Love the beautiful flowers and the colours are amazing. A beautiful card and used one of my favourite dies too!!
    Must be a bit scary, knowing that you have an enormous bear running around your garden!!
    What with the problems that the virus has caused us, we are really not having a good time this year. Big hugs and stay safe from Bears and the virus, Carol

  7. I love the unusual color combo in this card, Diane - both colors really compliment each other! Very pretty! I had to stop feeding the birds a couple of years ago. It really made me sad because we had so many wonderful visitors, but we also had attracted too many predators. We had bears, raccoons, owls, hawks, coyotes and once, even a cougar who hunted the raccoons. Yikes! I finally had enough when I was face to face with a big black bear, but luckily my dogs forced him to back away. I still feed the hummingbirds, but I've heard bears will go after the nectar, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Stay safe and healthy - yes, the hoarding is awful! Hugs xo Karen

  8. A beautiful card Diane, so bright and cheerful - just what we all need at the moment.
    Fortunately things seemed to have calmed down here with regards to shopping - a few stores are still busy but we have managed to get everything we need with the exception of yeast, fortunately we have enough to keep us going for a while, I hope it calms down for you soon.
    I can't even begin to imagine having a bear in the garden!
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  9. ...and there is me worrying if a fox comes visiting!! A black bear is a real concern but it sounds like you know how to deal with him!! What a gorgeous card, beautiful colours xx

  10. What a gorgeous card Diane; love the colours :-)

    Ooops but I suppose Bear needs to eat too :-#

  11. Soo beautiful. Wow to the bear, thats amazing and scary! Keep safe. Hugs Emmax

  12. Ohhh your card is so beautiful and love the delicate flowers and the Spring colours Diane x.
    Wow to the bear.....And how brave are you?
    Enjoy creating in the kitchen and stay safe and well x.

  13. Gorgeous, I always love a flowering vine, and I just love the colors you chose. We have been lucky and when we have run out of something we have found what we wanted or at least a good substitute anyway

  14. Gorgeous card Diane love the die-cut frame and beautiful flowers.We have had a visit from a fox during the night which has left quite a lot of feathers from it's kill but a bear!!!
    Carol x

  15. Because it's never going to happen to me, I find the idea of a bear visiting very exciting.
    Love the spring card x

  16. Beautiful craft. I wouldn't want to come face to face with the bear.

  17. What amazing vines of yellow and orange blossoms, Diane! So very beautiful!

  18. Pretty sprig of flowers. Your bear sounds quite threatening. The biggest creature we have encountered in the garden was a badger. Don’t know which of us was the most frightened. Hope you keep,safe and well in these worrying times. Hugs Mrs A.


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