Friday, June 19, 2020

Barbecue Delight

Greetings, hope you are well.

Today's design was using the Scalloped Box Card Pop-Up die set to create a masculine design.  I even stopped myself from adding flowers which I love to do.  It is hard to use shiny paper and then take a good picture of it.

My husband really got a kick out of this design, he said it was the best one yet.  

Lawn Fawn - Scalloped Box Card Pop-Up 
Memory Box - Classic Tom Turkeys & Grill Masters 
Poppy Stamps - Classic Brick Fireplace (just the flames)

I have a question, does anyone know why the blog list (mine is on the right side of my blog) sometimes shows a image and other times just the words.  Also, some of the blogs on the list never show a current date posted.   I sure can't figure out what is going on.  


  1. Yep a really super make, lovely design especially love the steak, but some great embellishments, bet it took you quite a while, very well done.

    Kath x

  2. No idea on the blog list, etc. on the side. I don't have that so really can't help at all. Hopefully someone else can.

    I'll have to agree with your husband - TOO CUTE!!!Love that it's for a guy and all the fun BBQ stuff. Fantastic!

  3. Oh my goodness aren't you ever clever that is too cool and great job on that grill, Fantastic!
    I don't know about the blog list, as I am seeing it now it looks fine, I think all of this is going to take some time to get use to.

  4. What a great card,very effective!

  5. Oh what a super card Diane - don't we all seem to have found new skills during lockdown!
    Sorry can't help with the blog problem :-(

  6. This is brilliant Diane, a fabulous design - perfect for all of those barbeque lovers.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  7. Hi Diane, what a brilliant box card, super design, you are so clever in your die cut designs.
    Can't help with the blog list, there is much about Blogger that escapes me, take care, Kate x

  8. This is absolutely brilliant a perfect masculine card -love it!My list is exactly the same and I wondered if it was to do with some people using the new blogger and if the blog has not been updated could be because the post has been scheduled
    Carol x

  9. What a fun card Diane, love a box card. Blogger has been doing some weird thing lately. Hopefully when the new version is up and running these problems will disappear!! xx

  10. Delicious fun card. My blog seems all over the place since they did the upgrade last month, wish they would keep 'fiddling' with things that dont need improving...IMO! Emmax

  11. This is so very cool I love this, hugs pops x

  12. This fabulous grill design is sure to steal the heart of any man!! How awesome, Diane!! I love all the exquisite details!!

  13. Not surprised your husband approved this fabulous design Diane - any one of my BBQ-loving menfolk would love it!
    I'm looking at your blog list and it's all pictures for me!
    Vicky x

  14. Oh wow--a fabulous box card! That is one thing I will never make, but sure enjoy seeing!

  15. Such a creative and cute little project and I love it Diane x. Sorry I can't help with blogger x.

  16. WOW!! Now how stinkin' CUTE and clever is this!!! I wanted to try my hand at making a pop up card like this only with tools for a Father's Day card, but ran out of time to get them done and just went more simple with what I did! LOL! I absolutely love this with the flames and all!! Brilliantly done and I can see why hubby loved it! :)

    As far as your blog list, I think it has something to do with the person's blog itself. I know that Wordpress blog never show a photo in a list..and sometimes it randomly selects what photos to show if at all...weird things technolgy does drives me nuts! LOL!

  17. WOW!!!!! Diane, this is the best pop up card design I have seen!! Absolutely brilliant and such a clever make. I love your designs, as they are always so different and amazing. Big hugs, Carol S.xxxx
    As for blogger problem, it must be something to do with the changes they are making. xx

  18. I LOVE THIS!!! WHAT A GREAT Masculine card!!! ;)I asked my husband if he wanted a new grill for Father's Day, but he declined. He said it would be like my getting an ironing board for Mother's Day! LOL BUT I LOVE this GRILL with the YUMMY FOOD!!! SOOO CUTE!!! No idea about the blog. Mine does odd things too. I think they just get in there & fiddle.... I have missing e-mails! :/ BIG INKY HUGS for your SWEET VISIT!!! ;)<3

  19. A fabulous pop-up card, perfect for an6 BBQ loving male!
    Janice x


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