Saturday, July 18, 2020

Reach For The Stars

Summer if finally here , hope everyone is well.

Yes, I found  myself making another space themed card.  I found I had some fun shiny paper so decided to try using it on this design.  Not sure what the background paper is called.

I finally made my appointment an had the second part of my gum tissue graft done.  I had  the lower jaw front area done last year and the final tissue replaced for the six teeth area done this week.  Not fun, your jaw feels like someone socked you.  No bruising and really no swelling, just sore.  The Periodontist said most people won't come back after they go through it once, yes I completely understand that feeling.  I have been concerned about having surgery with the virus so high in the United States.  One more thing, since the roof of the mouth doesn't have enough tissue to do it all at once they can only do the surgery in stages if you need the entire lower jaw done.

Impression Obsession - Spaceship & Boy with Easter Basket
Memory box - Astro Suit


  1. Such a sweet, fun card for any little boy. Great detail as always Diane.
    Our Dentist is still not open yet as they are waiting for the safety equipment to arrive and set up. We had an appointment in April which was cancelled and we were told it could be a year before we can get an appointment!!
    Yo must be very brave to have the procedure you are having!!
    Stay safe and sending hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  2. A super card Diane, such a fun image and great background.
    I hope your procedure goes well.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  3. What a super card Diane :-)

    I hope you are better soon x

  4. Great card and love the space ship you created-Good luck with the dentist,you are brave just hearing about what it entails woulld put me off there again with the treatment we endured with the school dentist many many years ago even a check up scares me!!!
    Carol x

  5. You've brought another amazing scene to life Diane! The background paper is perfect for your spacecraft and there's something mystical about that little astronaut!
    Hope all goes well at the dentist. Vicky x

  6. Fabulous card as usual Diane, super design.
    My goodness you are brave to go through this procedure, good luck with it all, take care of yourself Kate x x

  7. Such a fun rocket, makes me think of the Jetsons :) That background paper is perfect with it too!
    So sorry to hear all that you have had to go through, hope it all heals well for you!

  8. Such a cute card!
    Good luck with the surgery.
    Sounds painful, but you've got this!

  9. Fantastic fun card - love it. Ouch to the gum surgery = sounds horrid so well done you going back a second time, i hope its heals fast. Hugs Emmax

  10. Oh wow, this is a gorgeous card with such a sense of fun x

  11. Great card fab colours Hope your surgery goes well sending love and hugs Carole x

  12. Your space scene is adorable, Diane!

    Best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery!!

  13. Oh my goodness what a really fun card! I just love that dreamy looking background you've used for your spaceman too! Sorry to hear about your procedure as it sounds painful! Sending you comfort and best wishes!

  14. Your little astronaut is adorable.

  15. Hi Diane,
    what a lovely card and I love the little spaceman in the space ship he is so cute.
    Love your super background also.
    You sound a very brave person to under go that precedure twice not heard of that procedure you are having.
    Hope all goes well and you are bot in too discomfort afterwards.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. I love this it looks amazing, I hope your procedure goes ok, not a nice thing, hugs Pops x

  17. Wow! Diane, what a super cute card. Loving the little astronaut inside the spaceship. Your paper makes a perfect background for your spaceship. Hope all goes well at the dentist. Take care.
    Hugs Jennifer xx.

  18. Hi, Diane
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I loved this card you created. I starting peeping thru and you are very talented with the dies you use. Your cards are just awesome - like seeing a little story unfolding in front of you!!!
    OUCH! I hope your surgery goes well and you are blessed with a very speedy recovery! Hugs

  19. What a fun card and so unique...It is fabulous x.

  20. Super cute card with the perfect background paper! Well, your appt makes my needing a crown seem like a picnic! Mine went well & so far no signs of having caught the virus, so I hope the same for you! Do plan to cancel my next haircut, though. Numbers way too high!

  21. This is such a fun card, an amazing design too!
    Janice x


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