Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ghost Brew

 Greetings, we had a wind storm last night and now the smoke from the fires burning in Eastern Washington are going to stick around for a few days.  It makes the air quality terrible.  There are so many fires burning on the west coast that the sun is now a bright glowing red ball.  Hopefully next week we are due for some rain.

Impression Obsession - Girl with Easter Basket & (hat from Witch Brewing)
Martha Stewart - bat punch
Memory Box - Ghastly Ghosts
Poppy Stamps - Sitting Cat, mushrooms and Toadstools & (Flames from Grand Madison Fireplace)
Sponged clouds

Pileated Woodpecker
Sorry about the terrible picture, I took the picture from the window inside the house.  These woodpeckers are really big and loud.  they peck out bugs and termites from mostly dead tree stumps.  I think this is where the Woody the Woodpecker cartoon character came from.

The pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) is a woodpecker native to North America. This insectivorous bird is an inhabitant of deciduous forests in eastern North America, the Great Lakes, the boreal forests of Canada, and parts of the Pacific Coast. It is the second-largest woodpecker in the U.S., after the critically endangered and possibly extinct ivory-billed woodpecker.[2] The term "pileated" refers to the bird's prominent red crest, with the term from the Latin pileatus meaning "capped"


  1. Magical card, love the whole scene you've built. The woodpecker is amazing, our native ones are very shy so although their is some on my parents place ive only seen one briefly once. It must be so worry with all the fires on top of everything else going on. Hugs Emmax

  2. Nice scenr, your clouds are amazing! Stay safe.

  3. A super card Diane, you have created a fun scene - your cloudy sky is fabulous.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  4. Cool woodpecker photo. Again, super use of die cuts. Great card!

  5. What an amazing sky for this fabulous Halloween scene, Diane!!
    Love the woodpecker photo, too!

  6. Love this. Those spooky clouds are fab x

  7. Love those clouds, a really super background and a great creation coming up to the time of year celebrations. A lovely scene using some great dies and colours.

    Kath x

  8. A stunning scene you have created Diane. The sky is amazing and the image is brilliant. Great ghosts in the cauldron!!
    Stay safe from the fires and hope it rains for you. Big hugs, Carol

  9. Love how you did the background and the colors you used. The little ghost are too cute, terrific scene using all your great punches and dies.
    I hope you are staying safe during these fires.

  10. Those clouds are amazing Diane; love the card.
    Super photo. Stay safe from the fires xx

  11. Wow the clouds look AMAZING this is so cool, hugs Pops x

  12. A great card Diane, just love the ghosts popping their heads up from the cauldron...brilliant idea! I also like your background of clouds and the colours you have used, makes the bats really stand out. Hope you stay safe from the dreadful fires, I really feel for those who have lost their lives and others who have lost everything! must be devastating for them. Hopefully some rain will arrive soon. Love your Woodpecker photo, we have Great Spotted Woodpeckers here and they can be heard pecking away lol! as long as they don't peck holes in our wooden window frames lol!
    Hugs Jennifer xx.

  13. Diane, your Halloween scene is stunning and I love the multi-colored sky background! Halloween is my fave!! It's a shame about the fires, but your woodpecker bird looks incredible! Wow! TFS!

  14. Fabulous scene Diane and love those cute little ghosts popping up from the cauldron x. Wow to the size of the woodpecker and thanks for the information x. So very sorry about the fires and the air quality and here's to it getting better soon as x. Thinking of you x.

  15. Fascinating to read about the woodpecker and how fantastic to see one up close like that. It sounds like you are taking a battering over there hurricanes on one side and fires on the other. I hope you get your rain soon. Oh yes your card well it seems to be inspired by your skies at the moment, love it. x

  16. Great Halloween card-fabulous sky-love the ghosts in the cauldron and little bats-hope you get the rain soon too
    Carol x

  17. Oh Diane, you've done it again! Another beautiful illustration-style card that could be straight out of a story book! The witch looks quite friendly really so I'm hoping those ghosts she's just conjured up aren't going to go round scaring the daylights out of everyone! The sky is incredible too. Thanks for sharing the photo of the woodpecker and I do hope you get your rain soon. Vicky x

  18. Hello,

    Love your Ghost brew card, it is so cute! The Pileated woodpecker is a great yard bird, great sighting. I hope you have some rain soon! Take care and stay safe. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  19. Another fabulous halloween card, thone clouds are just amazing!
    Janice x

  20. Love the picture of the woodpecker! Miss not having feeders, but the squirrels were driving me crazy. The fires & terrible air quality were unbelievable! So grateful the east winds are gone & rain has helped.

  21. Very cute,the woodpecker is lovely !


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