Saturday, August 4, 2012

Party Decorations Tutorial/Mother's Day Hats

Completed Party Decoration

Step 1

Step 2

Cake shape (changed sizes to create layers)

You could make these as hats for Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas or cakes for a wedding by adding several layers in different sizes to the base or just use as table decorations.

Spellbinders Nestabilities Standard Circles Large (using 3¼″)
Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Scalloped Circles Large (using 4⅛″)
Martha Stewart Diamond Fence Trim punch
Any embossing folder I used a Cuttlebug Polka Dot
Solid cardstock in any color and matching Glitter cardstock.
Cutting mat, scoring tool & rotary cutter
Scissors, glue, hot glue gun, assorted flowers and beads.
Medium full 15 ounce size can with glossy label (the waxy coating makes the paper come off easier). This is important because you need the weight of the can while making the decorations.

With rotary cutter create one strip of cardstock 1½” X 11” long. Score the entire length of the cardstock at the 1” line and then take scissors and cut little wedges up to the score line. This will allow you to bend the cardstock later.

Using Diamond Fence punch and glittered cardstock create a punched strip about 11” long (you should have punched 4 times with the punch to create strip.

Take your Solid cardstock and Spellbinder dies and run them both through a die cutting machine and then emboss both pieces.

Look at picture (#1) to get started. Now that you have all your pieces ready flip can over and place cardstock around top of can and trim to fit, then glue in place making sure you don’t glue to tightly you need to be able to remove the piece later. Press cut wedges down on can lid, this makes it easier to glue to base of scallop cardstock. Next glue glitter Diamond Fence strip around the cardstock and trim so you have a straight edge. Gently remove from can base and use hot glue gun to glue cut wedges to scalloped cardstock base. Then use glue gun to glue circle on top. Now you can add flowers, beads or any trim you like.


  1. Wow pretty awesome. I love this.


  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I don't know if I'll get time to do one, but I have this to refer to if I do. It's so beautiful!

  3. Hi Just located this project. I'd like to make them for some table centerpieces to go with paper purse. Can you give me an idea on how to enlarge to the size of a child's hat? or perhaps the large "cake" tier?

    1. Try using a larger can, I used a 15 ounce can with a glossy wrapper but to make them bigger try using a larger size can and see if that works.


  4. I think this is wonderful. I have just started browsing your older posts from way back and am so glad that I did.


    1. No I have no video, or patterns, just the instructions I have posted.

    2. I use a Spellbinder Grand Caliber machine to die cut all my metal dies. You do not need an expensive machine just one that cuts the metal dies.


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