Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Madison Window Scene Card

The weather today is so gloomy I needed to create a bright fun card to remind me Summer is coming.

Die cut the Memory Box Small Madison Window, Lacy Curtains, Grand Flower Box and Meridian Border in white card stock. Attach curtain behind window frame and trim off excess. Find some cute patterned paper and die cut three Garden Pots.  Add pots gluing just at the bottom so you can attach Fabulous Phlox foliage into them and glue Primula Blooms flowers in place.

Cut out a 5" X 5½” piece of yellow card stock for front of card and attach Meridian Border, Window and finally Grand Flower Box.  Trim a white piece of card stock 5" X 11" score in half and attach yellow front to complete card.

Memory Box Small Madison Arched Window, Primula Blooms, Meridian Border, Lacy Curtains, Fabulous Phlox, Garden Pots & Grand Flower Box.
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