Thursday, August 22, 2019

It's your Birthday

I hope everyone is well, we are having the strangest weather this year.  It has rained on and off all summer and the temperatures have stayed fairly cool for us.

Today's design I used the shadow technique to create the lettering and behind the flowers.

Heartfelt Creations - Small Camelia Carnation
Martha Stewart - Punch Around the Edge Pansy
Memory Box - Sentimental Happy Birthday
Poppy Stamps - Swirly Curl Border Outline, Bountiful Sunflower Background

Just a few pictures from our trip to Butchart Gardens, Canada.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Beauty In Bloom

Hello, sorry I have been away for a while.  First I had a gum graft which I have been putting off for a while.  It was painful and made eating challenging.  I will need to have the surgery again after the first of the year for the rest of the areas.   Then my husband found out he had melanoma on the top of his head. So he had surgery and we were lucky to find it hadn't spread.

Today's design I have had for a while but didn't get around to posting.

Elizabeth Craft - Curvy Leaves
Heartfelt Creations - Small Camelia Carnation
Poppy stamps - Little Hummingbird's
My Favorite Things - Stitched Rectangle Scallop Frame

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Spring Stoll

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the Spring weather.  I have all my garden boxes planted, the snails are eating their way through my garden boxes.  Now the birds are pulling up the new tender shoots and the mice are running around the yard eating the seeds.  I really need to borrow a neighbor's cat for a few days.

Impression Obsession - Farm Girl, Duck set, Cardinals, Tiny Flowers & Fence
Poppy Stamps - Evanston Birdhouse & Fairy Flower
Memory Box - Grand Alder Tree
Spellbinders - Standard Circles Large

Blue  Clematis

Reddish Clematis

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Spring Bouquet

Art Glitter - White
Cuttlebug - Kassie's Brocade embossing folder
Heartfelt Creations - Small Camelia Carnation
Memory Box - Peace Doves
Spellbinders - Floral Ovals
Sakura 3d lacquer
Sizzix Susan's Gardens - Tool shaping kit

Well it's the weekend, raining and chilly.  Gave me time to work on cards instead of doing yardwork.
I went completely crazy with glitter on this design.  After embossing the purple paper I started shaping the flowers using the Sizzix Susan's Gardens tool kit.  I don't use it much but after watching some videos I always get in the mood to give it a try again.  After the flowers were shaped I used little dabs of the Sakura 3D lacquer and sprinkled on glitter.  I coated the birds with yellow glitter and decided to add the yellow Floral Oval for a little contrast.

Thank you for all your comments on my previous design I love reading them.

wild trilliums
A couple of years ago I noticed that Trilliums come up each Spring all around the yard.  So I now dig them up and have them all growing in the same area.  They tend to like shade and lots of moisture.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Out For A Stroll

The other day I told my husband I was giving myself a title I now am called the Kitchen Engineer. I use weights, measurements and temperature control, right.

Hope you are all enjoying some nice Spring weather.

Elizabeth Craft - Curvy Leaves
EK Success - Daisy punch
Hearthfelt Creations - Small Camelia Carnation
Impression Obsession - Farm Girl
Memory Box - Fancy Blossoms
Spellbinders - Classic Ovals Large & Floral Ovals

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

You're My Favorite

Greetings and thank you for all your lovely comments on my last design.
Today's design was just a fun take on what dogs are really thinking.

Impression Obsession - Girl with Easter Basket (just basket)
Memory Box - Crisp Bows
Poppy Stamps - Patient Pup
Spellbinders - Standard Circles Large

I have been growing Orchids  for many years now, I have them sitting in the bathroom where they seem to like the light from the two windows and the humidity.  Mine tend to bloom in February and then again later in the year.  I am always surprised how easy it is to grow them, really they just like to be ignored.

Here is a good article about how to get your Orchid to rebloom.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Starry Night

Greetings and hope everyone is well.  Just a quick little design using some negative cuts.

Elizabeth Craft - Curvy Leaves
Memory Box - Leaping Deer & Tall Birch
Nuvo Crystal Drops - White
Spellbinders - Standard Circles Large

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tea & Cake

Hello, and hope everyone is fine.  Looking forward to warmer days and Spring like weather.  The snow has stopped but the daytime temperatures are certainly cool.

On days like today I like to sip on some Earl Grey tea and bake cookies.

Dee's Distinctively - Border No 3 (Steam)
Impression Obsession - Tea Set
Martha Stewart - Floral Vine Deep Edge  & Cherish Hearts Edge Punch
Memory Box - Petite Cake

Friday, February 15, 2019

Got Ya

Greetings, after four storms we now have over 2 feet of snow on the ground.  We have been snowed in for days now.  Last night the county snowplow came and cleared the streets.  My husband spent hours clearing one side of the driveway.

I watched a fun tutorial about making trees by mixing glue and white paint in a small bottle.  After you get your trees the way you like them you then coat them in glitter.   So I thought I would give it a try for my background trees.

Link to tutorial

Impression Obsession - Girl With Watering Can
Martha Stewart - Cardinal punch
Memory Box - Gentleman Leaping (arms only)
Papertry Ink - In the Meadow
Box covered with over 2 feet of snow

On the left side of picture is a 2 foot long icicle

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Have a Dog-Gone Great Day

Our next snow storm is arriving, we have 9" on  the ground and more tonight and Monday.  Can't believe how much we are getting, it is setting all sorts of records.

Mama Elephant - Frame Tags Park Avenue Creative Cuts
Martha Stewart - Balloon punch
Memory Box - Happy Valentine's Day & Crisp Bows
Nuvo Crystal Drops - Red, yellow, purple & orange
Poppy Stamps - Aston Side Table & Frenchy, Patient Pup

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Raining Birthday Greeting's

Cuttlebug - Tiffany Embossing Folder
Impression Obsession - Tiny Flowers
Poppy Stamps - Ivy Tendrils & Stitched Umbrellas
Spellbinders - Ribbon Banners

Snowed Sunday night and all day Monday.  So far we have over 5 inches on the ground.  The morning lows are 16 degrees and the high is 32 degrees. The snow is not melting.  We have another big snow storm coming in Friday that will bring another 5 inches or so.

In all the years we have lived here I have never seen so much snow nor has it lasted this long.
There is over 5" of snow on the birdfeeders.  It looks like they have little hats on.

Snow covered wind spinner

Wintery wonderland in the backyard.

These are my garden boxes filled with lots of snow

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cupid Delivering Hearts

Art Glitter - Red, green, gold
Impression Obsession - Cupid With Hearts & Fir Trees
Memory Box - Brand New Bicycle
Penny Black - Heart String
Spellbinders - M- Bossabilities Brick Pattern

For this design I went glitter crazy, I glittered the flower pot, bike, heart string and cupids outfit.

I made reservations for High Tea last weekend for my husbands birthday. Yes, he was the only male in the Tea house.   We also needed to kill time and went to a model train show and then over to Bass Pro Shop to look at how they design the stores.  I am not a hunter but the stores are still very impressive with life size taxidermy and huge indoor fish tank.

Yes these are life size Elk


Fresh baked scones
Three tier tray, sorry we ate the second layer before I remembered to take the picture.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Easel Birthday Card

Hello, this is my first time trying a easel card design.

Art Glitter - Paris 322
Heartfelt creations - Small Camellia Carnation
Elizabeth Craft - Curvy Leaves
Memory Box - Sentimental Happy Birthday
Nuvo Crystal Drops - Crushed Grape
Spellbinders - Standard Circles Large. Gold Majesty Circle & Inverted Scalloped Circles

Friday, January 18, 2019

Heart's Full of Love

Hello and I hope everyone is well.

I always have so much fun creating a half envelope card design.

Alexandra Renke - Cupid
Card Deco - Frame Card Fantasy Scallop A5
Cuttlebug - Kassie's Brocade
Heartfelt Creation s _ Small Camellia Carnation
Memory Box - Sentimental Happy Valentine's Day & Meridian Border
Poppy Stamps - Ivy Tendrils
Spellbinders - Classic Hearts & Lace Hearts

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Be Mine

Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I used the Martha Stewart Punch around page for the heart frame.  It is too bad she stopped making craft punches.  This is really a simple and fast design to create.

I have a funny story to tell you.  I have a squirrel buster bird feeder.  It has weights so anything heavier than a small bird the seed opening close up. I also have a whole peanut holder for the gorgeous Stellar Jays we have here in Washington.  They don't care for sun flowers seeds.  So the squirrel hasn't bothered the sun flower feeder but has been trying to get the peanuts.  Both of the feeders are on a metal Shepherds Hook.  The squirrel can actually climb up the metal pole to my surprise.  So I sprayed the pole with Pam cooking spray.  He slides down and now has given up trying to get the peanuts.

Elizabeth Craft - Curvy Leaves
Martha Stewart - Punch Around The Page Sweethearts
Memory Box - Fabulous Phlox & Sentimental Be Mine
Nuvo Crystal Drops - Pink center of flowers
Spellbinders - Classic Square Large

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Valentine Greetings

Greetings this is my first design of the new year.  I first die cut the Floral Oval then removed the piece and ran the Classic Oval die through  my machine to cut out  the center. I embossed the background and reattached the Floral Oval.  I attached the Curvy Leaves behind the oval and the small Carnation flowers to the front.  To the center of each flowers I added Hot Kiss Pink Glitter.  I added the ribbon banner after I die cut it in white and twice in pink so I could create the shadow effect.  I added a little yellow ink to the birds wings and attached as shown.  Before I attached the front to the white card stock I added some mounting tape to give the design a little dimension.

Art Glitter - Hot Kiss #87 glitter
Cuttlebug - Kassie's Brocade
Elizabeth Craft - Curvy Leaves
Heartfelt - Small Camellia Carnations
Memory Box - Peace Doves
Spellbinders Classic Ovals Large, Floral Ovals & Ribbon Banners

When I was in Nuremberg I purchased some Springerle wooden cookie molds.  I still don't have the recipe correct but I am getting better at getting the design to show up after they are baked.

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